Are you ready to improve your dental practice bookkeeping to become a more successful practice owner?

You are a bookkeeper dentist.

Bookkeeping is no fun. You are practicing in the dark. You need more from your financials.

Get more from your bookkeeping, by doing less.

Relieve your time for money-making tasks.

Take the burden off your shoulders and enjoy peace of mind as we keep your bookkeeping updated and accurately measure practice performance in the background while you grow your practice.

Get instant measurements of practice performance.

Bad bookkeeping means your measurements of practice performance will never be right. While we do your bookkeeping, our custom online Practice Overhead software reveals how you compare to others and where to put your focus.

Discover where you stand against others in seconds.

The QuickBooks data syncs live with our Practice Overhead application online and streams financial reports and live dental benchmarks in real-time. You can log in any time from a web browser and have instant access to your practice overhead metrics.

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Chief Cheerleader

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Master in Details

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Master in Details

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Sara Renze

Master in Details

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Sarah Mumbert

Champion of Order

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"Sona and her team of Sona Clones"

Dr. Timothy Lonergan

Compare your spending against industry averages and our 150+ other clients.

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