We know your dental office bookkeeping better than anyone. We do bookkeeping for more than 200 practices. 

Sona Wegner, MBA, Founder

The nightmare of your practice bookkeeping.

You keep falling behind.

I know what it's like as a business owner, always trying to play catch-up, and when you finally have a minute to breathe (if ever), the last thing you want to do is update the bookkeeping.

Of course, you have the best intentions of getting it done, and you think to yourself, "I'll get to it this weekend," then it never happens. You push bookkeeping to the side, again and again, until eventually it becomes this huge overwhelming task putting a heavy weight on your shoulders all year long. 

"I'll get to the bookkeeping this weekend." 😞 

You lack the accounting expertise.

"How hard can it be? I just need to scrape off the plaque at home with a scaler, and I'll never need to go in for a cleaning." 🤔

Over the years, when it came to getting a bookkeeper, we've had many dentists come to us who previously thought, "How hard can it be? I know the Patterson supplies I purchase should go to the dental supplies account. It'll take me no time to keep it updated, and I'll never need a bookkeeper."

But that would be the equivalent of your patients buying a scaler to use at home to clean their own teeth and saying, "How hard can it be?  I just need to scrape off the plaque, and I'll never need to go in for a cleaning."

Dental Office Bookkeeping Servies

Clean bookkeeping

Dental Office Bookkeeping Servies

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Dental Office Bookkeeping Servies

Simplified Financials

Dental Office Bookkeeping Servies

Overhead Dashboard

Your accountant doesn't do it special for a dental practice.

A dentist who was in the process of joining us said, "Using my accountant for bookkeeping is the same as a dentist doing the hygiene. I shouldn't be wasting money on my accountant to do the bookkeeping when I could easily delegate to you for less, and get way better results. My accountant will focus on taxes and the big picture, while you guys focus on the details special for a dental practice."

You deserve better, and we can help.

Working with Bookkeeping for Dentists™, you will have total peace of mind as your dedicated bookkeeper on our team keeps your bookkeeping updated every few days like clock-work. Now you never have to stress about bookkeeping during the year, ever again. You just pay your practice bills, and run your payroll as usual, then we do the rest.

You get a dedicated bookkeeper, just for you.

You will continue to pay your own bills and run your payroll, while you get a dedicated bookkeeper who keeps track of all that financial activity daily, organizing it special for dental practice benchmarks and taxes.

We get the statements we need online, and save you time.

You don't waste time sending us the monthly bank statements. When onboarding with us, we get "view-only" online access to your bank account, credit cards, and payroll reports. Then during the year, we are updating and organizing the financial activity from all your business accounts, every few days in QuickBooks Online accounting software. With online access to the business accounts, we can get everything we need, and save you time.

Minimal interruptions to you with our questions.

When each month ends, we check that all accounts match the bank statement balances and then we review the transaction reports in QuickBooks Online for errors. Any transactions we need clarification on to categorize correctly, we will put those to the side as we go then list those in an email to ask you - once per month. You can respond to the email with your notes when you have time to look them over, and this minimizes interruptions to you.

Easy online access to our work, and your financial reports.

When our questions are cleared up, we send an email letting you know the month-end quality review has been completed, and you're welcome to keep us posted if you have any questions or adjustments. At any time during our process, you (or your CPA) can log into QuickBooks Online through a web browser and look over our work or print financial reports to review.

Dental overhead calculations always updated for you. Where do you stand?

A large part of the magic in Bookkeeping for Dentists™ is how we do the bookkeeping special for comparing dental practice overhead with dental benchmarks. We created our own technology that reads your data from QuickBooks Online and compares your overhead percentages against industry averages, as well as the live averages of our clients in the application. You get your own account, so you can log in through a web browser and see where you stand against others. 

Bookkeeping for Dentists Dashboard

Compare yourself in seconds

You get access online to our dental benchmark application. Your account is connected directly with QuickBooks and updates data in real-time as we update your bookkeeping every few days.

Find areas for improvement

Monitor your progress

Our platform will automatically break down your spending into essential dental categories that show you where your dental practice overhead is higher or lower than industry averages.

With a dashboard of graphs showing month-over-month and year-over-year, it's easy to make changes in your practice and get a visual of how you're doing with each move by monitoring the trends.

We help 200+ dentists just like you.

Dr. Adrienne Hedrick, DDS

I’ve been using Bookkeeping for Dentists since 2016 and absolutely love working with them. Prior to working with them I did all of our bookkeeping myself.  Having a dedicated expert do it for us has saved me a tremendous amount of time.  As a result I’ve had much more time to help patients, which has increased revenue.  Plus, it’s terrific how they pay so close attention to detail and categorize everything correctly. They’ve taken great care of us and I really can’t say enough good things about them.”

I have been with Bookkeeping for Dentists LLC since 2013. They do my bookkeeping for all locations and I have never been more at ease with how they handle everything. One of my favorite parts is the dashboard they made. It shows my averages compared to the national averages for all dentists and the real life averages of the other dentists working with Sona. I look forward to working many more years with them.

Ahmed Salem, DDS, MBA, MClinDent

We found that by using Bookkeeping for Dentists, our records were kept so much more efficiently and our office manager had much more time to attend to other matters.

Dr. Peter Katris

My biggest challenge was staying organized and up to date. I had been using old school Quickbooks Desktop for years and doing my own books. As Sona can attest, I had things placed in incorrect categories, was several months behind in balancing my statements, and just really had no idea of my profitability. Sona's team is a lifesaver! They save me so much time and give me peace of mind. Do yourself a favor and sign up with Sona's company now! I wish I had done it sooner.

Dr. Timothy Lonergan

We know the struggle you face as a dental practice owner, responsible for everything.

To build a dental practice that gives you freedom and personal balance, or to make it easier to scale and open more practices, the first place to start is by developing and improving systems performed by your team. Bookkeeping for Dentists™ is part of that well-oiled machine that you can start building in your practice today. If you have the tough task of bookkeeping on auto-pilot by us, you will never have to worry about updating the books, or training or rehiring for a dental bookkeeper again. You will just continue paying your bills and running your payroll as usual, and we'll take care of the rest.

Our growing family + your dental bookkeepers

Dental Office Bookkeeping

Educated Bookkeepers

Every bookkeeper on our team is required to have a 4 year accounting degree, and minimum of 3 years CPA firm experience.

Thoroughly Trained

We spend 2-3 months training each bookkeeper before they officially begin, to make sure they are awesome at what they do.

Consistently Improving

We have someone on the team dedicated to Learning & Development, so the bookkeepers are consistently improving.

Its super simple to get started

Schedule a call today

Schedule a call and allow us to get aligned around your vision and goals for your dental practice bookkeeping, to be sure we will be the right fit.

Gather 5 items for us

After the phone call, we will send you a simple list of five items to gather for us to get started. We know you're busy with patients, so we make it easy.

We do the rest

When we are finished setting up your bookkeeping, we will show you where to find your metrics with a video recording you can watch anytime, as we keep numbers updated moving forward.

Frequently asked questions

What bookkeeping software do you use?

We use QuickBooks Online for all practices. If you are currently in QuickBooks Desktop, we will export your data to QuickBooks Online and make it pretty.We don't charge extra for moving your bookkeeping into QuickBooks Online.

But it's cheaper if I do the bookkeeping myself

When you use your time for anything that doesn’t contribute to your revenue, you’re losing money and blocking your own success. It took me a painstakingly while to figure this out in my own business. We all have the same number of hours in the day. It’s what you do with it that makes one dentist more successful than another. Don’t waste time on something that you could easily delegate for less and get better results from it. Use your time on the money making tasks or things that make you happy.

Do you pay the practice bills or run payroll?

No, we don't pay your bills or run your payrol. While I understand the importance of delegating payroll and bill paying too, you never want the same person/company doing all three of those tasks. You leave yourself wide open to embezzlement; yes, even when outsourcing to a company or CPA firm because I've seen it happen there too. Use an outsourced payroll service like Gusto, and then have your office manager pay the practice bills with a business credit card. This gives you checks and balances in place for each task because its different people doing them. We will be reconciling and reviewing both the bill payment transactions in your business accounts and the payroll transactions against payroll reports.

Do you reconcile day sheets?

No, we don't check deposits against day sheets. We record deposits exactly as they come in your bank account. Checking deposits against day sheets is something our clients do daily in their practice. If we added this task to our bookkeeping service that didn't need an accounting degree, such as checking deposits against daysheets, we would be watering down the awesomeness of our service and you would be paying a lot more for our time that doesn't provide the same value. Create a simple system/checklist for the end of each day to have someone check the day sheet amounts against your deposit slip, credit card report and bank account. It doesn't need to be complicated.

Do I get the same person doing the bookkeeping?

Yes! You get your very own dedicated bookkeeper. She will be reconciling the books and asking you possible transaction questions at the end of each month. You can also go straight to her for questions just by shooting her a quick email. With that said, we are all working as a team behind the scenes. If your bookkeeper goes on vacation, another bookkeeper or manager will take over temporarily. We also have a manager reviewing the general ledger line-by-line during the year for quality control and making sure our bookkeepers keep learning.

What are the bookkeeper's qualifications?

ALL of our dedicated bookkeepers have a minimum of a 4 year Accounting degree and 3+ years of CPA firm experience as staff accountants preparing tax returns. They are all the best at what they do, and our training never ends. We are constantly improving and educating everyone on our team.

What is included in your services?

Bookkeeping for Dentists is for both established practices or start-ups. We do bookkeeping from beginning to end so the books are tax-ready for your CPA and they will have very few adjustments to make for tax preparation each year. Included in our services:

  • Maintenance of General Ledger
  • Prepare and post adjusting journal entries
  • Verify and record new loan documentation
  • Record allocations of credit card liabilities
  • Employee earnings records tied to payroll reports
  • Bank Reconciliations and all transaction entries
  • Overhead expense analysis
  • Interactive monthly financial reports on demand
  • Practice Overhead Dashboard access and support
  • Gusto payroll support (but we dont run payroll)
Services we don't offer:
  • Bill pay/check writing
  • Daysheet reconciliations
  • Running payroll (but we offer Gusto payoll suport)

What locations do you work with?

Anywhere in the USA We have practices from all corners of the USA such as Alaska, California, Texas, Florida, and even Hawaii. We consider our bookkeeping firm "Location Independent". It doesn't matter where in the USA you're located, we can work with you. No one outside the USA We do not currently work with practices in Canada or outside of the USA and don't plan on adding those locations in the near future.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes, absolutely. It's a monthly contract and you can cancel any time. We will never lock you into our service, and we make sure it's easy to get your data from us should you ever decide to leave. QuickBooks Online subscription ownership transfer: If we are currently paying your QuickBooks subscription on your behalf, we will transfer ownership to you as soon as you decide to leave. The next time you log into QuickBooks, it will ask you for payment information to continue the QuickBooks Online monthly subscription. Then you have full control.

Benchmark Dental Practice Overhead Percentages
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In this e-course, I will cover all the steps it takes to compare your practice overhead to industry averages, revealing if you have a leaky overhead bucket. 

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