We do your dental practice bookkeeping to get you one step closer to freedom.

Careless bookkeeping mistakes can costs thousands, ruin your ability to understand the numbers, causing you to spin your wheels.

Mistakes can cost thousands

You need more from financials

You're spinning your wheels

A dentist coming to us from a CPA firm didn't have $30k of her practice loan interest deducted on her books or tax return. True story! Don't let it happen to you.

You're spending your time and money on bookkeeping only to get taxes done each year, while you're wasting a chance to use financials to help you improve.

You have no idea how you're doing compared to the average dental practice. You feel financially lost like you're constantly spinning your wheels.

With us doing your dental bookkeeping, you will always know where your practice stands.

No more rookie mistakes

Feel confident that your transactions are being categorized correctly for a dental practice. Not only are we dental experts but all of our bookkeepers have 4-year accounting degrees and many years of CPA firm experience. 

Get more from financials

Use your bookkeeping data and financial reports for more than just tax preparation. The numbers can provide you valuable insight into your practice performance and help you become a more successful practice owner.

Compare your practice to others

Discover how you compare in practice expenses against other practices with our online benchmark dashboard. Monitor your trends over time to make improvements and keep more of what you earn. 

We have 200+ thriving dental practices that know their numbers well.

We know bookkeeping and financial reports can be difficult for dentists to understand. We care about your success and want you to have the right tools to guide you to your vision. So we don't just do bookkeeping, we also transform it into a tool you can really understand to help you succeed.

Sona Wegner, MBA


What our clients say about us.

I have been with Bookkeeping for Dentists LLC since 2013. They do my bookkeeping for all locations and I have never been more at ease with how they handle everything. One of my favorite parts is the dashboard they made. It shows my averages compared to the national averages for all dentists and the real life averages of the other dentists working with Sona. I look forward to working many more years with them.

Ahmed Salem, DDS, MBA, MClinDent

We found that by using Bookkeeping for Dentists, our records were kept so much more efficiently and our office administrator had much more time to attend to other matters.

Dr. Peter Katris

My biggest challenge was staying organized and up to date. I had been using old school Quickbooks Desktop for years and doing my own books. As Sona can attest, I had things placed in incorrect categories, was several months behind in balancing my statements, and just really had no idea of my profitability. Sona's team is a lifesaver! They save me so much time and give me peace of mind. Do yourself a favor and sign up with Sona's company now! I wish I had done it sooner.

Dr. Timothy Lonergan

Discover how your practice overhead compares to others in seconds with our own dental benchmark technology.

Compare yourself in seconds

You get access online to our dental benchmark application. Your account is connected directly with QuickBooks and updates data in real-time as we update your bookkeeping every few days.

Find areas for improvement

Our platform will automatically break down your spending into essential dental categories that show you where your dental practice overhead is higher or lower than industry averages.

Monitor your progress

With a dashboard of graphs showing month-over-month and year-over-year, it's easy to make changes in your practice and get a visual of how you're doing with each move by monitoring the trends.

Its super simple to get started

Schedule a call today

Schedule a call and allow us to get aligned around your vision and goals for your dental practice bookkeeping, to be sure we will be the right fit.

Gather 5 items for us

After the phone call, we will send you a simple list of five items to gather for us to get started. We know you're busy with patients, so we make it easy.

We do the rest

When we are finished setting up your bookkeeping, we will show you where to find your metrics with a video recording you can watch anytime, as we keep numbers updated moving forward.

Do you want an easier way to understand your practice's financial reports?

What we do: Bookkeeping for Dentists is an online dental bookkeeping firm providing bookkeeping services and overhead expense metrics, all while working seamlessly with your CPA to get tax reporting done each year.

To be super clear: We do bookkeeping for dentists. However, we don't provide the other traditional services of running payroll and paying your bills because we focus on doing ONE thing REALLY well for you, instead of a lot of things not so hot like most bookkeepers and CPA firms (and you should have separation of duties to protect against embezzlement).


Built for dentists: Our dental office bookkeeping is designed to specifically help practice owners understand their numbers and know where they stand all year long. We even created our own dental practice overhead dashboard just for our clients because many practice owners digest numbers better with visual graphs.


Essentialism: Our philosophy is more about taking an essentialist approach to your bookkeeping and dental overhead metrics. We measure what matters most, so you know where to focus while eliminating confusing distractions.


And don't worry, your CPA will love us.

E-book coming soon!

You may not be ready for a change with your bookkeeping, and that's okay. While you're thinking about it, we have created an e-book that will help you use your current Profit & Loss report to compare yourself against industry averages. Knowing how you compare to others will help you focus on areas that need improvement. 


I broke it down step-by-step so you can follow along on your own. All you need is your Profit & Loss report. Easy Benchmark Template Included!

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Bookkeeping for Dentists LLC is lovingly run in Cary, North Carolina.

Click here to read our story and meet our team of dedicated bookkeepers. 

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We hope to empower every practice owner to build their freedom by measuring what matters most.

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