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Get more insight from your dental office bookkeeping when it's done right for a dental practice.

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Dental Bookkeeping Course

Overhead Benchmark App

Dental Bookkeeping Service

Built for beginners, learn how to do dental practice bookkeeping right for a dental practice with an online course.

Discover where your practice stands by connecting your QuickBooks Online account to the Percentology® app.

We do bookkeeping for more than 100 practices, providing exactly what your CPA needs for tax preparation each year.

Get Bookkeeping

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Keep scrolling to choose what's best for your practice.


Learn how to do dental bookkeeping and overhead benchmarking.

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Understand your practice financials.

Learn how to do bookkeeping correctly for a dental practice in QuickBooks Online, from start to finish. You'll finally know how to read and use your financial reports to run your practice more like a business.

Compare your practice to others.

We teach you step-by-step how to calculate and compare your practice overhead percentages against the average of other practices.


We do your dental practice bookkeeping with overhead % benchmarking.

We do bookkeeping for more than 100 practices, providing exactly what your CPA needs for tax preparation each year while being done special for comparing your overhead against peers.

Included in our bookkeeping service:

  • Starting QuickBooks Online from scratch

  • Bank Reconciliations and adding all transactions

  • Reconciling payroll into dental departments

  • Monthly financial reports on demand

  • Practice overhead percentage calculations

  • Overhead expense comparison to peers

  • Overhead dashboard access and support

Full Capacity 🤯

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Bookkeeping for Dentists
Dental Office Bookkeeping
Bookkeeping for Dentists Team
Bookkeeping for Dentists Team
Bookkeeping for Dentists Team

Your dental bookkeepers (all with accounting degrees)


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Get your own online dashboard comparing your overhead to our other clients.

Discover where you stand

Percentology turns your bookkeeping data into a visual performance dashboard to eliminate noise, discover where you stand, and track what matters most.

Compare against others

See your practice overhead expenses alongside the averages of other practices in the app or compare against industry standards developed by dental CPA firms.

Automatically Updated

Stays connected to QuickBooks Online to calculate practice overhead percentages as your dental practice bookkeeping is updated.

So, which dental bookkeeping solution is best for you?

Our suggestion: Use the course to uplevel your office manager or spouse to CFO.

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