Bookkeeping for Dentists Partner

Client Testimonial

Timothy Lonergan, DMD



What was your absolute biggest challenge prior to working with us?

My biggest challenge was staying organized and up to date. I had been using Quickbooks Desktop for years and doing my own books. As Sona can attest, I had things placed in incorrect categories, was several months behind in balancing my statements, and just really had no idea of my profitability. Sona was a lifesaver!


How did that challenge make you feel?

I was always stressed.....I paid a bill if there was money in my account today, without regards to what was due and coming up. It was always horrifying when it came time to prepare and pay taxes.


What changed for you after joinig us?

After joining Bookkeeping for Dentists, I put all of that stress on Sona....Lol....Seriously, she walked me through the process of running my business accounts like a true business. It saved me so much time and gave me peace of mind that things were getting entered properly.


What specific results can you share?

I can tell you that it takes about 1/4 of the time to prepare taxes now than it did when I was keeping the books. Sona went back through a year's worth of transactions and recategorized and balanced everything. What a HUGE relief.


What would you say to somebody on the fence about working with us?

Do yourself a huge favor. Sign up with Sona's Company NOW! I wish I had done it sooner. It will save you so much time, and the money that you save (and the stress) will more than pay for this amazing service. DO IT NOW!


Anything else you'd like to add?

Sona has got it together. She and her team of Sona Clones are very prompt at getting monthly financials to me as well as working very closely with our CPA. They get the information requested directly to the accountant in the format that he prefers. So easy to work with!