Bookkeeping fo Dentists Client

Client Testimonial

Peter Katris, DDS



What was your absolute biggest challenge prior to working with us?

My biggest challenge was having accurate numbers and overall financial health of the practice being easily accessible.


How did that challenge make you feel?

At times I was unsure of where and why expenses were out of control.


What changed for you after joinig us?

Team meetings are even better when we show data in the form of charts and graphs using Bookkeeping for Dentists' Practice Overhead platform. I can literally sleep at night, knowing what the health of our practice looks like day-to-day.


What specific results can you share?

We found that by using Bookkeeping for Dentists, our records were kept so efficiently and our office administrator had much more time to attend to other matters. They are very good about reaching out to us with questions so that everything gets recorded correctly. It has been a pleasure to work with Sona and her team!


What would you say to somebody on the fence about working with us?

Do not hesitate! As a practicing dentist of over 27 years, it is rare to find real innovation in a product along with individual personalized care and affordability. Sona and her team deliver that in spades!