You waste a lot of time doing your own bookkeeping.

How our dental bookkeeping service works

Bookkeeping for Dentists is an online dental bookkeeping firm providing daily bookkeeping and interactive benchmarks, all while working seamlessly with your CPA to get tax reporting done each year.

1. We get you set up

First, you'll work with our Client Success Manager. They'll get to know your practice and gather everything they need from you to get you ready for your dedicated bookkeeper.

2. We do your bookkeeping

Every 2-3 days, your dedicated bookkeeper imports business transactions into QuickBooks Online and categorizes special for dental benchmarking and taxes.

3. We reveal intuitive financials

Instantly track your practice overhead health with real-time reporting online. Compare yourself to our other clients and dental practice averages.

What's included in our dental bookkeeping

Beginning to end bookkeeping:

  • Maintenance of General Ledger

  • Prepare and post adjusting journal entries

  • Verify and record new loan documentation

  • Record allocations of all business account transactions

  • Employee earnings records tied to payroll reports

  • Bank account reconciliations

  • Credit card account reconciliations

  • Loan principal and interest reconciliations

  • Practice overhead expense analysis

  • Interactive monthly financial reports

  • Practice Overhead application access and support

  • QuickBooks Online access and support

Get one-on-one support when you need it

We give you a dedicated bookkeeper to work with and they are supported by a team of dental experts. They are here to take the burden off your shoulders and provide you peace of mind as they keep your bookkeeping consistently updated in the background.

Dental Chart of Accounts made for tracking important benchmarks.

We organize your transactions in our dental chart of accounts made special for benchmarking against other practices. We have accounts setup to separate owner(s), associates, staff, clinical, facility and other business costs. Then we can compare your practice against others, apples to apples.

Payroll benchmarks by dental department

We reconcile your payroll by pay period and by departments. This will give you the ability to benchmark your practice departments against other practices in our Practice Overhead application.

We know where your transactions go.

Master Dental Vendor Database

We pay close attention to accuracy and consistency across all clients. Each time we see a new vendor, we discuss the classification as a team and enter it in our master database for reference moving forward.

We never make assumptions

You know your practice and activity best, so we never make assumptions about your books. If we have a transaction question, we reach out for your expertise through an email.

Tax season support as we work directly with your CPA.

CPA has access to everything online

We'll give your CPA direct access to your QuickBooks Online account and financial reports. That means fewer check-ins for you and more time for your CPA to strategize tax savings during the year.

We work directly with your CPA

Does your CPA often have questions about statements they need or items on the books? No worries, we will work directly with them to get them everything they need.

Discover powerful practice overhead insight in seconds.

See what is happening with your money. Our online visual graphs and interactive reports provide the data you need to know where you stand against other practices in real-time.

Join 150+ thriving dental practices delegating their bookkeeping to us.

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Bookkeeping for Dentists LLC is lovingly run in Cary, North Carolina.

Click here to read our story and meet our team of dedicated bookkeepers. 

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