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A dream job for women accountants.

Dear Accountant,

I know what it's like sitting in a cold cubical with no windows, and florescent lighting for 60-80 hour weeks. All to produce tax returns like a machine while your clients kill the messenger because they don't like the taxes they owe. Never seeing your children, and being exhausted when you do. This is no way to live. The CPAs at the top will only ever focus on the dollar signs, making the career outcome just not worth the sacrifice. I've been there, and done that. And I will never suffer through that again, nor will I let my team. 

Join our team, and you won't ever have to suffer through that again either. 


Sona Wegner, CEO

Work from home 100%

Get better work and life balance by working from home.

Join a growing team of women accountants who ALL enjoy healthy balance in their work and lives by working from home. Not to mention the total bliss of being able to work in your PJ's. It really does improve quality in work to be comfortable. No bra, no heels, I'm in!

Flexible schedule

We run by a work schedule built for moms.

Our 9am to 3pm work schedule (in your time zone) was built for moms who need to consider school and daycare priorities in their weekdays. You still need to get 40 hours, but you can build the remaining hours around your schedule outside 9-3, however it works best for you. 

No Tax Returns, No overtime

Do the relaxing type of accounting, so that you're not bringing stress home with you. 

NO taxes, receivables, payables, or payroll, and no client phone calls. Which means we don't ever have overtime either. In fact, we even have Friday's off in the summer for self-development and family time. We find stress-free work turns into higher quality, more fulfilling work, and that turns into happy clients too. Happy work, happy team, happy clients.

Employee Testimonials

See how our employees' lives have changed after working here.

Being a mom and having a husband who travels a lot for work, it was a constant struggle to find that balance of having a career for myself, but also being a present and happy mom/wife. Since being a part of the Bookkeeping for Dentists team, that balance is a reality!  By working smart and working together, we really can have it all!   

Bookkeeping for Dentists Team

Alissa Greene

Chief Operating Officer

The day I came across the Bookkeeping for Dentists job post I thought it was a total joke. No job could be this good. I applied anyway. I thought the worst thing that could happen would be it was a scam. Guess what! It wasn't! Now I can't stop bragging about my awesome job.  There is an actual work/life balance with an amazingly flexible schedule. I work with a great group of encouraging ladies who inspire me each and every day to become the best version of myself. Since joining Bookkeeping for Dentists I feel like I have been in a dream, and if that's the case I really hope I don't ever wake up!

Bookkeeping for Dentists Team

Natalie Krom

Master in Details

You know that quote “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  Well, truer words have never been spoken when it comes to working at Bookkeeping for Dentists.  I can say full heartedly that I LOVE my job and enjoy it every day.  They have instilled in me a passion like no other, to continuously be the best version of myself not only professionally, but personally as well.  To be surrounded by the most encouraging and upbeat group of ladies on a daily basis is empowering. 

Bookkeeping for Dentists Team

Jenna Monaco

Chief Learning Officer

It sounds cheesy, but I truly did not realize how much of an impact a negative work environment has on relationships, physical health, and mental health until I left my previous job and joined Bookkeeping for Dentists™. This is the first time I've worked with a company that genuinely wants its employees to succeed outside of work. We have team step and exercise challenges each week. There's a question of the day so we can all get to know each other better. Make time to exercise during the day and get out in the sun! Self-care is promoted and encouraged!!

Bookkeeping for Dentists Team

Amanda Bristol

Master in Details

Summary of day-to-day

We do bookkeeping for dental practices in a special way, so that they can compare their practice to other practices (benchmarking).

What your day-to-day includes:

  • Pleasantly interfacing with clients through email

  • Categorizing all transactions in QuickBooks Online

  • Reconciling all balance sheet accounts

  • Reconciling payroll transactions using payroll reports

  • Creating amortization schedules using bank loan terms

  • Clearing up transaction questions with client through email

  • Working directly with client CPAs

  • Being human and supportive with clients every day by developing relationships

What you WON'T be doing:

No taxes, seriously, none.
No payroll
No accounts receivable
No accounts payable
No accrual basis accounting
No phone calls

No overtime


We provide a plethora of training, but there are some must-have qualifications to start.

Qualifications Must Haves

  • You must have a minimum of 3 years working in a CPA firm

  • 4-year Accounting degree from accredited University/College

  • Significant experience with QuickBooks Online Software

  • Experience and willingness working directly with 30-35 clients, daily.

  • Excellent communication skills with clients: you thrive when working with clients

  • Ability to work in expanding and changing environment (we strive to find a better way every day)

  • Passionate about developing efficient processes and driving results

  • Track record of going the extra mile or overachieving when given a job or opportunity

  • Excitement and commitment to growing your accounting career at Bookkeeping for Dentists LLC

Remote Environment Requirements

  • Remote Environment Requirements (working from home):

  • You must have a quiet, private space with fast internet, and a decent computer.

  • You must work mostly between the hours of 9-3 in your time zone, the rest of the 40 hours can be flexible or worked at night or on weekends.

  • You must be able to work independently and have the discipline to uphold deadlines

Pay: $45,000 per year

The position is 100% remote, full-time 40 hours, with paid health insurance, vision, dental, PTO, and 401k.

How to apply

If you really want this position, please read:

Please apply by clicking the button below, and attach your resume with a cover letter. The cover letter should not be a generic template cover letter you send everyone. Make it specific to the job and explain why you would be the right candidate. But also, for the love of all things beautiful, please be yourself! The cover letter is your chance to stand out, okay? We get hundreds of applicants. 😅