Bookkeeping for Dentists Client

Client Testimonial

Camilo Achury, DDS



What was your absolute biggest challenge prior to working with us?

My biggest challenge was to have my CPA review monthly my bookkeeping so that I could plan my strategy particularly as it relates to taxes. Year after year, we had no control. Some years we had a surplus, some years we were short. It was a roller coaster.


How did that challenge make you feel?

I am very detail-oriented and work best when I have a plan. I called almost in desperation one January 1st and spoke to Sona, explained my problem and soon I signed reluctantly because I had not been able to get my problem solved for many years.


What changed for you after joinig us?

The first month was used to set things up, and by month two, the reports were very timely and very, very complete. For the first time, it wasn't me who was pushing for perfection, but it was me who was being asked about my activity transaction by transaction. Can't tell you how happy I was, couldn't believe it. I thought this could not be found and almost gave up.


What would you say to somebody on the fence about working with us?

After having subscribed to the service, I tell anyone who will listen to use the service. My tax bill is no longer surprise, and I can now plan purchases and investments properly; in other words, I now have a handle on my practice.


Anything else you'd like to add?

If you don't mind your accounting to be lax, then you don't need to subscribe, however, if you like accurate and timely reports, there is no better option. It keeps even my CPA on his toes.