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You have probably never heard of us and you found us at the top of a google search? :)

I'm a small business owner with big dreams, just like you.

Hey! I'm Sona Wegner, the founder and CEO of Bookkeeping for Dentists.

In 2013, I left the tax-machine dental CPA firms behind to give dentists better bookkeeping. Although taxes are important, I felt I could help dentists even more by showing them how to use their financial reports to improve practice performance, not just taxes.

One of the most effective strategies in my bag of tricks was the way I benchmarked all of our clients against each other, apples to apples. However, in doing this, it meant updating miles of spreadsheets and manually loading the numbers in again and again after each month ended for each client. (Not gonna lie - pretty tedious!)

There were no tools online that would do this for us or give my clients real-time numbers to follow. So I said, fine, I'll just make one myself - and in 2016, I brought Practice Overhead (our benchmark application) to life.

The benchmark application, in combination with our daily bookkeeping, has made growing your empire infinitely easier, and it didn't take long for us to grow to over 100 dental clients organically.

So even though we have grown from just lil' old me doing bookkeeping to a team of us and over 100 clients, we stick to the same values that have guided us since the very beginning, and I never forget this whole thing started because dentists needed better financial reports.

Sona Wegner

MBA, ​Founder and CEO

Our lovely team

Sona Wegner, MBA

Founder & Chief Cheerleader

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Terri Nomm

Senior Accounting Associate

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Alissa Greene

Accounting Associate

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"Sona and her team of Sona Clones"

Dr. Timothy Lonergan

Join over 150 thriving dental practices delegating their bookkeeping to us.

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